Whilst not as soft as carpet, hardwood flooring is still a nice, warm and durable feature when used as a floor surface – built to stand the test of time for both style and durability.

Some of the more opulent hardwoods can be costly, but if maintained they can outlast other less expensive options by decades, saving you both replacement costs and upheaval.


Benefits of hardwood flooring include :

Allergy relief

Carpeting can collect dust & pollen which is difficult to clean and gets released back into the air everytime someone walks across the room. Hardwood flooring surfaces are smooth, solid and easily cleaned. This is an important factor when the room is used to do nothing but breathe for hours on end.

Warmer than tiles

Where shoes and socks are taken off, bare feet against the floor can be chilling.

It looks amazing

There is a definite wow factor with a hardwood floor. If you opt to remodel or “recreate” your living space, hardwood will look amazing with just about any decorative treatments you undertake.